Development of a sustainable waste sorting bin named GARBY

“Imagine a world where all the waste that is produced is reliably identified, sorted and recycled.”


PLAEX Technologies B.V. is a multiple award-winning sustainability-focused technology company. We create smart recycling bins that automatically sort waste using Artificial Intelligence, and waste identification technologies that provide consumers with waste insights. Our purpose is to majorly contribute to the world's efforts at building and maintaining a circular economy, identifying & reducing waste and of course pollution. Remember: It is not complex, it's PLAEX.

Problem Statement

PLAEX is starting to gain traction with their waste sorting garbage-bin, GARBY. This in turn asks for more production and improved manufacturing. Therefore PLAEX is looking for an enthusiastic student who would like to drive sustainability by helping further development of GARBY. 

Garby (the garbage bin) is a smart bin that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and a proprietary mechanical design, to identify, classify, and sort waste at the source, ensuring high material purity and recyclability. The bins also feeds waste to an online dashboard for sustainability impact tracking and auditing. The external look of the bin can also be customized to match client needs.

Assignment Description

PLAEX has place for an internship, graduation assignment, or side job and is looking for a motivated student who has experience in the following disciplines:

  • CAD Design (SolidWorks)
  • Arduino/Jetson Nano programming (c++, bash, python)
  • 3D printing and/or Advanced Manufacturing
  • Circuit Design

In short, someone who has experience with product design, development and manufacturing. At PLAEX you will help the further development of GARBY, the smart garbage-bin. The aim is to improve the production and manufacturing of GARBY, and help make GARBY better than before. 


Student at Saxion or University of Twente, or at least a bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Mechatronic/Robotic engineering or a related discipline

  • A strong willingness to learn by doing 
  • Ability to work independently to meet deadlines
  • You have unique perspectives and can articulate them
  • Fluent in English

What we offer

  • Flexible schedule
  • Freedom to work from occasionally
  • Freedom to learn by doing, at your own pace
  • The ability to put your knowledge to the test in a practical environment
  • Opportunity to build professional skills
  • Opportunities to increase your network
  • Support to deliver optimal value
  • Work that really matters and has impact
  • Recommendations and references (based on performance)
  • Internship completion certification (based on performance)
  • A collaborative and enjoyable startup environment

Start Date: 



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