Partner highlighted: BDO

Partner highlighted: BDO

This year, Novel-T has started working with various corporates to provide even more value to students, startups, researchers and SME entrepreneurs. The first corporate that got to sign a cooperation contract was BDO. Babette Stenger and Roland van Hecke, both from BDO, talk about this partnership.

This article was released earlier in the Next Icons magazine.

Author: Vera Boertien 28 October 2022

BDO is an accountancy and consultancy organization. In addition to providing accountancy services, they give advice on various issues such as taxation, innovation, cybersecurity, acquisitions, but also strategy and organization (HR). Babette, a sales advisor, says: “As an accountancy firm, we fulfill an important social role, because we help organizations to develop and to keep the numbers and rules in order. This offers entrepreneurs the opportunity and certainty to do business and to see where there is room for innovation. We mainly do this in sectors that offer challenges in the future, such as MedTech. That is where we find common ground with Novel-T.”

Roland, a partner at BDO, adds: “Like Novel-T, we’re concerned with the issue of how to remain future-proof as an entrepreneur. Accountancy sometimes still has a somewhat dull image, but we really want to show that we’re open to what’s happening in the world, both socially and in terms of innovation.”


BDO is broadening their view, among other things, by entering into partnerships. Because Novel-T is not their first partner. Babette: “We also have several other partnerships nationally and in this region. These partnerships offer us the opportunity to share our knowledge and help entrepreneurs further, but also to make connections for our customers. Our own colleagues are also enthusiastic about this.”

The partnerships in our region can mainly be found in the student cities of Wageningen, Nijmegen, Arnhem and Groningen. “There are a number of obvious collaboration parties and an additional advantage is that it also brings us closer to talented people who can work within our organization,” says Roland. “Novel-T is one of them. Together we look at how we can help each other, but above all, how we can better support our target groups. This collaboration is really based on trust and a shared vision for the future. If a partnership is all about the money, you shouldn’t start it.”


When it comes to the collaboration with Novel-T, BDO sees benefits mainly in the field of regional innovation. Roland: “We want to contribute to the regional innovation challenges. By collaborating with Novel-T, we can combine our strengths and knowledge. This way, we can make an impact on the region together and at the same time learn from each other’s experiences.” Babette agrees: “What’s also nice is that it’s incredibly inspiring and educational for our own colleagues to work in a vibrant environment such as Incubase. That vibe does something to you!” BDO itself also plans to create an inspiring environment, because as of January 1, 2023, the organization will relocate to De Melkhal in Enschede. Babette: “That means we’re even closer to talented people and we offer new perspectives for both our customers and employees.”


Giving innovation in the region a boost as partners is a great aspiration. Novel-T aims to help 100,000 entrepreneurs with innovations that change the world. BDO’s mission fits in seamlessly with this. “People helping people achieve their dreams,” says Babette. “That’s why we do what we do. We’re happy to help our customers – whether they’re large corporates or small startups, it doesn’t matter to us. We always ask ourselves: what can we do to make entrepreneurs look at their business from a different angle? For example, how can we encourage SMEs to get started with innovation? How can we bring initiatives together to create a win-win situation? We’re currently facing a lot of challenges together. That’s why innovation from businesses is sorely needed.”

Roland agrees. “Without innovation, nothing happens. You need people with new ideas, people who challenge you to go the extra mile or point out the risks in time. You have to dare and think in terms of opportunities and solutions, because only that will take you further.”


By working together, Novel-T and BDO want to create more impact in the region. But they’re not losing sight of the bigger picture either, Roland explains. “When it comes to innovation, both Twente and the Netherlands deserve a more prominent place on the map. That starts with the entrepreneurs we help out. Next Icons is a good example of this. They are the future of the Netherlands. If you neglect this generation of entrepreneurs, you know that less will happen in the future when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship. The impact that the Next Icons make is therefore essential for the continuity of our economic development. Together with Novel-T, we can support these entrepreneurs even better.”


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