International talent lifts high tech Twente to the next level 

Rogier Ikink 

Every year, hundreds of international students graduate in Twente. They deliberately chose to study in our region, each for their own reasons. These include the high quality of our education and the full range of services and facilities our university campus offers, as well as the potential of this high-tech region with its ample job opportunities. We welcome these international talents with open arms, yet most of them decide to leave the region as soon as they graduate. What is going wrong here? 

Twente has a lot to offer to international talent. The University of Twente attracts a rapidly growing number of international students with its high-quality education and research. Saxion University of Applied Sciences’ number of international students is also on the rise. Let’s not forget about the job opportunities presented by more than 3,100 innovative businesses in the region. The regional economy is rapidly growing and notably outperforms our national economy in many ways. The number of vacancies is growing and has even doubled for technical positions. Companies are eager to deploy talented individuals to solve tomorrow’s innovation problems. Why do supply and demand fail to meet here? 

I try to answer that question from my position at Novel-T. My job and ambition are to get the number of international talents that stick around to grow significantly. How? For starters, by bringing regional businesses into contact with these international talents from the very start. We simply cannot let these opportunities pass us by any longer. 

International students and young professionals offer major added value to businesses operating on an international level. With their own culture and backgrounds, they possess new insights and valuable knowledge pertaining to conducting business on international markets. My former position as project manager at 20Creathon gave me first-hand experience with this. In my experience, it is not always easy for the industry to adopt their ideas. Improving that situation presents a wonderful challenge to Novel-T. 

Twente already excels at developing talent, but the region also has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities. We need to make students aware of this fact. Novel-T will act as a facilitator to help international students enter the employment market in Twente. It is therefore my goal to make both national and international students aware of the career opportunities to be found in the region. Together, we can make this entrepreneurial region stronger and more international! 

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