“From good idea to game changer? You can do it with Novel-T”

“Call us a catalyst, director, connector, coach or architect”, Kees Eijkel, Director of Novel-T, sums up. “As a starting point for high tech entrepreneurship and innovation in Twente, we fulfil all these roles. Our objective? Helping to develop talents’ and entrepreneurs’ good business ideas into game changers. We thus create more jobs and the regional economy grows.” 

Do you dream of it too? Of conquering the world with an innovative service or product and becoming the next unicorn? “It’s possible in Twente”, asserts Associate Director Pieter Dillingh. “Look at Thuisbezorgd.nl, Booking.com and Demcon. They started as spinoffs and have now become  game changers in their sectors.” So can you. The region has all you need to turn your idea into a success: talent, knowledge, capital, network and infrastructure. “We also refer to those as the Novel-Tools for entrepreneurship and innovation. They form a unique ecosystem together.”

All the ingredients for success

“We have a powerful breeding ground for starters in the University of Twente and Saxion”, Kees continues. “Add to that the entrepreneurial climate and our unique expertise in Smart Materials, Photonics, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Big Data and the Internet of Things and you have the perfect ingredients for success.”

Increase your odds of success

“If you want to start a high tech company, we can advise you on how to develop a strong business case and assist you find starting capital, for example”, Kees explains. “Through us, you meet inspiring entrepreneurs, scientists and investors. And we constantly challenge you to get the best out of yourself and your business. In short, you increase your odds of success with Novel-T. At 75 percent, the number of startups that actually develop into successful companies is relatively high within the Novel-T ecosystem.”

Innovating together creates new markets 

Not just starters benefit from the ecosystem, you also increase your chances as an established business. “As a company in the high tech manufacturing industry, if you want to enter new markets you must innovate and embrace smart industry”, Pieter emphasises. Making radar suitable for use by the maritime and coastguard agency, or three dimensional weaving of water purification filters are impressive examples. “That is how innovative production techniques add new characteristics to your products. Our Novel-Tools connect companies and organisations, so you can make huge strides in technology and enter new markets together.”

Investing now in 10,000 new jobs

Novel-T has been innovating the economy of tomorrow for ten years already. “In recent years, we have shown that we belong at the top, but we also see that the world is changing rapidly and other regions are making big investments”, says Kees. “We are therefore going to strengthen the existing ecosystem and increase our profile, internationally too.” Pieter elaborates: ”We are setting the bar high. We want to be the best performing ecosystem for high tech innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe. We want even more starters, companies and investors to discover the power of the Eastern Netherlands.” How many next unicorns that will produce? “We’ll see”, laughs Kees. We are aiming for 10,000 new jobs in both small and large companies.”

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