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It all starts with a good idea, but ultimately, people make the difference. We see time and again how a good team determines the success of a startup or innovation. Stories motivate, inspire and illustrate what the ecosystem means to entrepreneurship and innovation in our region. We enjoy demonstrating the fruits of partnership and how you can become a gamechanger. Be inspired by our stories. 

BrainCreators received highest investment in the Pitch & Match sessions during The Future of High Tech

Startup BrainCreators received the highest investment in the Pitch & Match sessions during The Future of High Tech with their solution to bring Artificial Intelligence into companies.

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'RVO is more than just a subsidy factory' – Gerko Slotman

Most of us mainly know the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( as an institution that provides subsidies and subsidy schemes. Recently, Gerko has come to Novel-T twice a month to help entrepreneurs find their way in the myriad services offered by the government.

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Go4Export supports international ambitions

At the request of the Province of Overijssel, Oost NL developed the new Go4Export incentive program to help Overijssel-based entrepreneurs successfully enter foreign markets. To this end, Hans Brouwers, German ambassador of Novel-T in Twente, is building a strong network in Germany.

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Stroopwafels on a trade mission to Japan

For some high-tech innovations, the Netherlands is just too small. This was the case for Enschede-based startup TriboForm, a young company that develops software for simulating automotive part friction, lubrication and wear during fabrication. WTC Twente helped them take their first steps on the international market.

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VaxChip: Multiple on-chip tests for food security

The cross-border partners, Nytor, Lionix and Vaxxinova recently completed a feasibility study of a new molecular diagnostic tool called VaxChip. The study was conducted with support of ROCKET.

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BLOG: The greaser and the nun

There was a song by the once famous Dutch "chansonnier", Cornelis Vreeswijk about the unlikely love between a greaser and a nun, which was a big hit when I was one year old.

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