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It all starts with a good idea, but ultimately, people make the difference. We see time and again how a good team determines the success of a startup or innovation. Stories motivate, inspire and illustrate what the ecosystem means to entrepreneurship and innovation in our region. We enjoy demonstrating the fruits of partnership and how you can become a gamechanger. Be inspired by our stories. 

BLOG: The greaser and the nun

There was a song by the once famous Dutch "chansonnier", Cornelis Vreeswijk about the unlikely love between a greaser and a nun, which was a big hit when I was one year old.

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BLOG: Smart industry offers new opportunities

It is estimated that by 2018, the production costs in China will equal the production costs in the United States and other western countries. Cheaper production won’t be the distinguishing factor then, smarter production will. That’s the impact of Smart Industry!

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Niels Ruiter of startup Aryzon: "With competition everywhere, fortunately, we made it there first!"

They recently won the UT Challenge, managed to collect over € 97,000 through crowdfunding and will soon be shipping 2,500 pairs of augmented reality glasses to 61 countries. Over the past months, the five University of Twente students Maarten Slaa, Niels Ruiter, Leon Schipper, Kay Hoogsteder and Alex Ceha put all their time into making their startup Aryzon a reality. And it's paying off.

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UT Challenge winner Hops & Grains: "Take over the market with customized specialty craft beers"

Startup Hops & Grains, contrary to expectations, chose to work with an existing product – specialty craft beer – and make it even more 'special' by customizing everything from the beer right down to the packaging. "You'll be able to order your very own beer from us, pick only the ingredients you like, and even design your own label for the bottles,” Yorick Bosch explains. "One month later, you will get your crate of custom beers delivered to your doorstep. Over the course of the brewing process, we'll send updates, so you can work up interest among your friends. This is why we're calling it Hops & Grains: The Personal Brewing Company."

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Joining forces in innovation; who else is in?

What is the best way to go about innovation? Keeping matters within your company's own 'four walls' is one option, but fortunately, companies are increasingly deciding to join forces in their innovation efforts. Innovation centers, fieldlabs, innovation projects – Pieter Dillingh, director of Novel-T, fills us in on these and other opportunities to keep ahead of the competition.

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The Netherlands are leading in photonics

Fiber optics, self-propelled vehicles and robots that perform an operation; the applications of photonics are getting increasingly closer to the consumer. Much of this unique knowledge and expertise comes from Twente.

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