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It all starts with a good idea, but ultimately, people make the difference. We see time and again how a good team determines the success of a startup or innovation. Stories motivate, inspire and illustrate what the ecosystem means to entrepreneurship and innovation in our region. We enjoy demonstrating the fruits of partnership and how you can become a gamechanger. Be inspired by our stories. 

Innovation requires leaders with vision, guts and the means to get going

To ensure future success, entrepreneurs will have to draw on a different source. It's common sense, really: try to keep the pace if you want to stay in the race.

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Student entrepreneur introduces amazing swimming trunks

Swimming trunks which change colour completely as soon as you jump into the water. Student Tom van Dieren carried out research for more than a year in order to develop this unique technique.

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UT spinoff IamFluidics: “So many market opportunities, now let’s keep the focus”

They recently published their discovery in the journal “Science Advances”, incorporated their business last month, and received enough funding to further develop their technology. IamFluidics, the UT spinoff in microfluidics, is on a roll.

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Ground-breaking technology from startup 20Face in Twente can recognise faces in all circumstances

Tauseef Ali has spent years perfecting the software, which he now markets under the name 20Face unconditional face recognition.

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International talent lifts high tech Twente to the next level

Rogier tells us about his job and ambition from Novel-T to get the number of international talents that stick around in high tech Twente to grow significantly. How? For starters, by bringing regional businesses into contact with these international talents from the very start.

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RoboTeam Twente

RoboTeam Twente will compete for the RoboCup in Canada in June of 2018. UT students Jeroen Weener and Nahuel Manterola, along with thirteen fellow students, spent the past months working hard to improve their wheeled robots.

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