Don’t dream it, do it and become a gamechanger

It all starts with a good idea, but ultimately, people make the difference. We see time and again how a good team determines the success of a startup or innovation. Stories motivate, inspire and illustrate what the ecosystem means to entrepreneurship and innovation in our region. We enjoy demonstrating the fruits of partnership and how you can become a gamechanger. Be inspired by our stories. 

The Netherlands are leading in photonics

Fiber optics, self-propelled vehicles and robots that perform an operation; the applications of photonics are getting increasingly closer to the consumer. Much of this unique knowledge and expertise comes from Twente.

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“Student days are the best time to start your business”

Saxion has produced no fewer than 1,200 spin-offs and dozens of new businesses are added each year. Student entrepreneurship co-ordinator Yvonne Kholmy-de Jong advises Saxion students and tutors on their business concepts.

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“ROCKET brings high-tech innovations to market more quickly”

Nanotechnology, photonics and other key enabling technologies are producing high-profile innovations in the healthcare sector, to name just one example. The European project ROCKET​ is stimulating companies in the EU region to use these technologies to develop new products.

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“Virtual reality in the manufacturing industry? Seeing is believing!" says Robbert Jan Kooij

"The hype is over. Virtual reality is a mature technology, which generates benefits for industry and SMEs for a modest investment," says Robbert Jan Kooij, business developer at the development company Oost NV. Within the Eastern Netherlands industrial ecosystem, gathered together in Novel-T, he is developing collaboration projects for the use of augmented and virtual reality.

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‘Create Tomorrow: pressure cooker full of good ideas’

Time was in short supply, the case was complex, and the program was full. However, with more than 1,000 students involved, there was no lack of enthusiasm. Create Tomorrow, the world’s largest think tank organized by the University of Twente, once again showed its applicability in the business world. Novel-T was there, and supported the students while they were developing and testing their ideas.

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Clear Flight Solutions: The world is your oyster

Ask Nico Nijenhuis of Clear Flight Solutions about his ambition, and he’ll give the same answer every time: ‘World dominance’. “What I mean by that is: Think big! Create a dream and then go out to make it a reality. The world is your oyster. But you must work very hard to conquer it.”

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