Don’t dream it, do it and become a gamechanger

It all starts with a good idea, but ultimately, people make the difference. We see time and again how a good team determines the success of a startup or innovation. Stories motivate, inspire and illustrate what the ecosystem means to entrepreneurship and innovation in our region. We enjoy demonstrating the fruits of partnership and how you can become a gamechanger. Be inspired by our stories. 

Clearing the way for tomorrow’s frontrunners

As Novel-T, we clear the way for tomorrow’s frontrunners. To do so, our approach will be slightly different this year," says Jaap Beernink, CEO of Novel-T.

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Mobina IT’s app helps manufacturing industry in Twente innovate

Entrepreneurial student Marlène Hol, her boyfriend Jochem Verburg and her father René Hol are taking giant leaps with their company Mobina IT in a short period of time. “Our mission is to help the manufacturing industry innovate with the help of IT,” Marlène says.

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Work together with students to expand your innovative capacity

Jaap Beernink, CEO van Novel-T, en Ton Beune, programmadirecteur bij Techniekpact Twente, zetten in op meer ondernemerschapsonderwijs en een sterke verbinding tussen studenten en maakindustrie in Twente.

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Phyx It: from idea to full-fledged business concept in 24 hours

During Startup24 in Enschede, the Phyx It team members won the 500-euro grand prize and tickets to Get in the Ring with their idea for a physical therapy app.

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Twente on stage for most innovative region of The Netherlands

On October 31, the ceremony of the Dutch Innovation Awards took place in Scheveningen. Twente was nominated as most innovative region of The Netherlands. Eelco Osse from Boessenkool Machinefabriek was on stage to represent the innovators in Twente.

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Artificial Intelligence Challenge: From information to knowledge and understanding

“How can we create new business models based on IoT-as-a-service and what role can artificial intelligence play in that? And what role could your company play?” The various pitchers interpreted the challenge broadly, not all presented cut-and-dried solutions.

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