Novel-T welcomes Tanja Lendzion as a new member of the Supervisory Board

Novel-T welcomes Tanja Lendzion as a new member of the Supervisory Board

Where will she pay attention? What opportunities does she see for Twente? And how does Tanja feel connected to innovation?

22 January 2021

Tanja Lendzion came to the Netherlands 25 years ago with a German plumber diploma and with one goal: to develop herself further in technology. She soon became a planner in installation technology, but she wanted more. During her job as a project manager, she immersed herself in consultancy and commerce, and at the age of 41, she followed an MBA and Master of Science at the University of Twente. Today she is CEO at Antea Group. A position she dreamt of a long time. Tanja also has an additional job, as she is the new member of the Supervisory Board at Novel-T. Tanja: “I feel like a German Twentenaar. I have been living in Hengelo for ten years, and I feel at home here. It is, therefore, fantastic that I can dedicate myself to the ecosystem of the region.”

How did you end up at Novel-T as a member of the Supervisory Board?

“During my MBA studies at the University of Twente, I sat next to Regina Nieuwmeijer, a well-known entrepreneur in Twente who is a member of the Twente Board, among other things,” says Tanja. Tanja first heard about Novel-T from her. “Also, at Antea Group, we work a lot with Saxion University of Applied Sciences, where we also have a Soil and Subsurface research group, and Novel-T was also often discussed here.” What appeals to Tanja most about Novel-T? “The innovative character!”

How do you deal with innovation within Antea Group, and do you feel connected to new activities?

“Innovation is essential at Antea Group. It is one of our four strategic themes to which objectives are also linked,” explains Tanja. Antea Group develops 130 innovations every year. “Innovation would, of course, not have become a strategic theme if I had nothing to do with it myself. I always want to keep developing as an engineer that is also in my blood.”

What will you pay attention to as a Supervisory Board member?

“What I like is that they are very passionate at Novel-T and can add value. For me, it is important that Novel-T makes use of the added value in the ecosystem,” says Tanja. “Besides, I will monitor whether it is possible to bring good ideas to the market. Something that I also deal with every day in the business world.”

Where do you see opportunities for development in the Twente region?

“I see collaboration as the greatest opportunity. Twente has many entrepreneurs, but what characterizes entrepreneurs is that they are often self-focused. If entrepreneurs start sharing their knowledge, it can have a very positive impact,” says Tanja. She would also like it if the world would look to Twente for innovation: “We have Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the University of Twente, the government that invests a lot in Twente, good partners and a prime location near the border, so it is possible.”

In addition to the Supervisory Board, Tanja Lendzion is a member of the CEO of Antea Group. Antea Group is an internationally operating engineering and consultancy firm and, together with 1500 engineers and consultants, is building a safe, healthy, and future-proof living environment. Antea Group has professional specialists and innovative solutions in the field of data, sensories, and IT. In this way, she contributes to the development of infrastructure, residential areas, or waterworks. Antea Group thinks along critically and always based on the mindset to work together for the best result. For 70 years.


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