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Novel-T SMART is your starting point to get in touch with the regional business community. Whether you are looking for a study-related side job, a great (graduation) internship or want to participate in a challenging (educational) project: we’ve got it. Businesses submit their question to us and we translate it into study related assignments for students of the University of Twente, Saxion and ROC van Twente. Working on one of these assignments helps you to put your knowledge into practice and gain relevant work experience. Check out the assignments here. Or sign up for the student pool and we will help you to look for a relevant assignment.

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We connect students to organizations in the region. These are often SMEs, but certainly also social organizations. We match you to study related business cases in all kind of shapes and forms. Think of internships, graduation assignments, educational projects, a side job, but also PDeng and hackathons. You get the opportunity to share your knowledge and apply your skills in practice and create immediate impact.


Companies regularly struggle with issues they cannot solve themselves. They don’t have the time to do research or can’t find a solution. And that’s where you come in. Companies submit their questions to Novel-T SMART. We’ll translate this into assignments for students and we always search for the most suitable form. Such as an assignment that’s part of the curriculum of a study program, but also an internship, graduation research or a study-related side job. Check out all the assignments here or sign up for the student pool and we will try to find a matching assignment for you.


Develop an IT-architecture for high school projects in Ghana

Bachelor WO HBO Graduation | Smart Society at Maxim Nyansa

Develop an IT architecture solution for high school students and teachers in Ghana during this project by Maxim Nyansa and contribute to good education!

Technology forecasting for the automation of food forests

Graduation Bachelor WO HBO | Smart SocietyEnergy Transition at Voedselbos

It takes a couple of years before food forests start producing products. Nevertheless, for the harvest, processing and sales of the food forest on a larger scale, the need for the right technology increases. To increase the commercial attractiveness of the exploitation of food forests, whilst increasing the amount of food forests in the Netherlands, automation of the different processes could be the solution.

Moving smoothly due to Smart Insoles

Bachelor WO HBO Graduation | Health & Wellbeing at Leading Foot Technology

It is important for people to keep moving. However, this may not be as easy for everyone. People with foot problems and/or foot function disorders need support from insoles to move more comfortably. Leading Foot Technology (LFT) is developing Smart Insoles to support foot specialists in helping these people.

Smart and sustainable transport of large building parts needs a smart and sustainable lorry

Bachelor WO HBO Graduation | Business at

Bouwmetaal produces prefab roofing- and cladding products used in construction. The products are made of high-quality metal sheets and coils. Every product is tailor-made. Companies are working together to improve transportation security, sustainability and quality, without using plastic and other polluting materials. This project is about finding a method to make a lorry that will not damage the materials during loading and unloading.

Acorn hulling and sorting machine

Bachelor WO HBO Graduation | Smart Industry at

Of course, you know acorns, but did you also know that they are edible nuts? We see a future where acorn trees will be a local supplier of cereal grains. Before acorns can be eaten, they need to be processed. Peculiar of fresh acorns, is the high level of tannins, a bitter tasting substance. Luckily the surplus tannins can be easily removed after hulling the acorns first. And that is where you come in!

Sieving dried soil samples

Bachelor WO HBO Graduation | Smart Industry at

In our laboratory, soil samples are dried at 40 degrees Celsius. These must then be sieved as part of the analysis. The sieving process is very labor-intensive and a solution to decrease the amount of physical strain is needed. The difficulty here is that pressure must be applied to the dried material to get it through the sieve, but the materials larger than the mesh size of the sieve must not be broken up into smaller pieces.

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