Novel-T and SAS team up to help innovative startups grow faster

Novel-T and SAS team up to help innovative startups grow faster

Since teaming up in 2020, we optimized our joint effort to help startups become more data-driven. More specifically, in the accelerator program ADVANCED. SAS will provide access to network, experience, advice, and above all data analytics support and development coaching. Not a one-size-fits-all approach, but customization for startups to get the most out of their innovative business.

Author: Isabelle Duteweerd 16 March 2022


To kick off the collaboration, we invited SAS to the campus of the University of Twente for an inspiring afternoon rounding up with the signing of our cooperation. Starting with a presentation about the history and future BHAG of Novel-T by CEO Jaap Beernink. After which, the group took a quick look around the innovative DesignLab. Followed by a guided tour at an even more data related part of the campus: TechMed Centre. The hearts of our guests started to beat faster when they saw the possibilities of implementing their data to a highly innovative MedTech centre like this.

But the most important parts of the day took place in Incubase, the incubator where the innovative startups that we’ll be helping work on their startups. Flawless Workflow is one of those startups participating in our ADVANCED accelerator program. As they have developed a product that automates workflows with the power of programming, Flawless Workflow pitched their startup, services, and developments to SAS and gained valuable insights and feedback on how to grow into an even more successful company. After which, Project Manager Rens Dommerholt presented a collaborative dashboard, and we officially celebrated the official signing of the collaboration.


The organizations that are part of the Novel-T ecosystem work together to support startups in funding, talent acquisition, knowledge and facilities and networking. Novel-T has the ambition to be the best performing ecosystem in the world. To make sure we can help those startups even better, Business & Data Analyst My Nuygen and Project Manager Rens Dommerholt developed a dashboard in collaboration with SAS, and specifically Peter Kleuver and Ivar de Langen. The dashboard gives us a broader opportunity to take a deeper look at the data analyses, by applying SAS’ impressive years of knowledge and experience to Novel-T’s ecosystem and startup data. We intend to find out what depth we can find in that.

Access to SAS D[N]A Lab resources as part of the Novel-T ADVANCED program

Participants of the ADVANCED program, the ‘toppers’ among startups with validated business ideas, are offered the opportunity to get started with SAS. If they manage to achieve certain ‘milestones’ within the program, they can claim ‘perks’ such as resources ranging from SAS D[N]A Lab in masterclasses, consulting and advice and access to the SAS D[N]A Cloud.


“We see that not only universities but also various established and young companies find it difficult to make the transition to a data-driven organization. We hope that we can advise and assist both Novel-T and their startups to accelerate the deployment of analytics and AI,” said Arthur de Crook, director SAS D[N]A Lab. “From the open innovation platform SAS D[N]A Lab, we like to contribute to the innovation and growth of organizations that can make a positive impact on the world.”

“As a continuation of our collaboration, we continue to dive deeper into data analytics and see what knowledge and experiences world leading companies can bring to our startup support programs,” mentions Rens Dommerholt, Project Lead within the Startup Acceleration Team. “SAS is the perfect partner to help out in capturing and structuring predominantly qualitative data and figure our the predictive components and benefits. Almost as a startup concept ourselves, we would love to go from rapid prototyping to validating our assumptions on how far data can go in the startup world.”


SAS is the market leader in analytics. Through innovative software and services, SAS helps and inspires customers worldwide to transform data into insights. SAS D[N]A Lab serves as an open innovation platform and ecosystem for companies, startups and scale-ups developing socially relevant innovations. These can be innovations in health, care, nutrition, sports or environment-related issues. The strength of SAS D[N]A Lab lies in making innovations’ enterprise worthy and ‘scalable-ready’.


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