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We offer innovative entrepreneurs (Next Business) access to a dynamic ecosystem. By connecting entrepreneurship to high tech innovation and employing our Novel-Tools, we help them to become game changers.

Develop new businesscases

With Next Business, we facilitate collaborations between knowledge institutions, SMEs and corporations in order to develop new business cases. The focus is primarily on the industrial sector, where innovation leads to economic growth. Smart Industry for instance, offers a world of opportunities for companies in the HTSM sector and is well suited to the region's knowledge positions. The industrial sector in Overijssel is responsible for more than 70,000 jobs. The HTSM sector, which partially overlaps with the industrial sector, supports nearly 44,000 jobs. One job in the (smart) manufacturing industry leads to two jobs in other sectors, which is how Novel-T is helping to improve employment in the region. 

Joint innovation opens new markets

Our Novel-Tools connect companies and organisations so that together they can innovate, make tremendous technological strides and tap into new markets by, for instance, harnessing radar technology for coast and port inspection or applying three-dimensional weaving techniques to the production process of water treatment filters. That's how innovative production techniques can add new features to existing products. Together, we're changing tomorrow's economy. 

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Got any questions for the government? Ask RVO through Novel-T

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, you can ask questions to Gerko Slotman from at Novel-T.

Innovation centres and fieldlabs

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition, innovate and grow as a manufacturing company in Twente? Do you want to release better products on the market quicker? Join an open innovation centre or visit one of the field labs.


How do you come up with solutions for complicated social issues? We developed the Creathon, a kind of pressure cooker for ideas, for this purpose and the results were surprising and innovative.

High Tech Knowledge Transfer

The University of Twente has extensive knowledge of Smart Industry and Technical Medicine. This knowledge can help the regional business community with innovation. The High-Tech Knowledge Transfer project delivers this knowledge to HTSM businesses in the East of the Netherlands.


​The Pitch&Match Science to Business meetings deliver academic knowledge to businesses in our region. They deal with current topics and themes from Technical Medicine and Smart Industry, such as condition-based maintenance.​

Science Shop Twente

Do you have ambitious, innovative ideas, but lack of knowledge or in-house facilities to realize them? Contact the Science Shop Twente at Novel-T. We will find you the student researcher or research group of the University of Twente and Saxion who will help you to develop your idea.

Smart Industry: Boost

The Internet of Things’, robotica, 3-d printing, computing power and big data. Smart Industry is all around us Whoever steps in, creates completely new products and new business models. Do you want to seize the opportunity too?


Financing innovation can be a challenge, but Twente offers various good options for funding innovation projects. Novel-T can advise you which funding partners are most relevant for you business case.


The Go4Export program will help you take your first steps in the international market, providing you with knowledge, events and trade missions to, say, Germany or China. Novel-T (Twente) is one of the partners offering the program.

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Clearing the way for tomorrow’s frontrunners

As Novel-T, we clear the way for tomorrow’s frontrunners. To do so, our approach will be slightly different this year," says Jaap Beernink, CEO of Novel-T.

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Work together with students to expand your innovative capacity

Jaap Beernink, CEO van Novel-T, en Ton Beune, programmadirecteur bij Techniekpact Twente, zetten in op meer ondernemerschapsonderwijs en een sterke verbinding tussen studenten en maakindustrie in Twente.

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Lecture marketing specialist Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

25-01-2018 14:00

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh from India will give a reading at START! by Saxion University of Applied Sciences about the hot topics of 2018 within his field and will explain the key focus points for entrepreneurs.

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Workshop: Blockchain Technology

25-01-2018 16:00

Do you want to learn more about the hot item Blockchain Technology? Do you want to discover the advantages as well as the dangers of it? Then find out all about this subject during our workshop!

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