New Business

We offer startups (New Business) access to a dynamic ecosystem. By connecting entrepreneurship to high tech innovation and employing our Novel-Tools, we help them to become game changers.

Strong source for startups

Together the University of Twente and Saxion form a strong source of power and support for startups, thanks to their unique knowledge and entrepreneurial environment. Our successful New Business method helps promising startups get off the ground and encourages them to grow into international players. Within the Novel-T ecosystem, the number of start-ups that actually grow into successful companies is high, with a success rate of around 75%. 

Proud of 'our' start-ups

A robotic bird that makes airspace safer (Clear Flight Solutions), a remote control that responds to your voice and controls all the devices in your home (Athom), miniscule sensors that record every movement (Xsens) – three start-ups with a dream that, with the use of our Novel-Tools, grew into game changers. 

Our services

Got any questions for the government? Ask RVO through Novel-T

Every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, you can ask questions to Gerko Slotman from at Novel-T.

Funding for startups

Are you in the startup phase with your enterprise, and are you looking for funding? Novel-T knows the possibilities for funding, from interest-free loans to crowdfunding and informal investing.

Legal Advice

The Legal Advice Centre [Juridisch Adviespunt] of Novel-T provides advice on Dutch corporate and company law and contract law. This includes information and advice on required contracts, the right legal form or the transfer of patents or knowledge to a spin-off company.

Startup ambassador

​It happens while having some beers with your friends outside or while listening to a debate at your student organisation. You will have an idea you know you will have to do something with. But how do you take the next step?​

Business Development

Do you have a brilliant idea, ground-breaking discovery or clever innovation? Novel-T's business development team can help you bring to market.

VentureLab International

The VentureLab’s business development programme equips you with the right set of tools to achieve your ambitions.

Student Startup Program

The Student Startup Program helps you to take your idea one step closer to a company of your own.

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Clearing the way for tomorrow’s frontrunners

As Novel-T, we clear the way for tomorrow’s frontrunners. To do so, our approach will be slightly different this year," says Jaap Beernink, CEO of Novel-T.

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Mobina IT’s app helps manufacturing industry in Twente innovate

Entrepreneurial student Marlène Hol, her boyfriend Jochem Verburg and her father René Hol are taking giant leaps with their company Mobina IT in a short period of time. “Our mission is to help the manufacturing industry innovate with the help of IT,” Marlène says.

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Lecture marketing specialist Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

25-01-2018 14:00

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh from India will give a reading at START! by Saxion University of Applied Sciences about the hot topics of 2018 within his field and will explain the key focus points for entrepreneurs.

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Workshop: Blockchain Technology

25-01-2018 16:00

Do you want to learn more about the hot item Blockchain Technology? Do you want to discover the advantages as well as the dangers of it? Then find out all about this subject during our workshop!

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Eye on Air

Clear Flight Solutions

Kite Robotics


Ipsum Energy





Tide Microfluidics



Homey by Athom







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