TrustBox protects industry, businesses and households against hackers

“Secure online communication is a bare necessity. The number of devices connected with the internet is growing, as is the threat posed by hackers. This inspired us to build a high-security communication platform.”
Hans Klos
CEO Scalys
6 March 2019

The TrustBox by Scalys: a hardware solution that protects households and industry against cyber-attacks. Early 2019, they won the prize for the best cybersecurity innovation at the CES in Las Vegas, the world’s biggest electronics trade fair. And soon they will fly to India for talks with an internet service provider with as many as 200 million customers. The success story of the Hengelo-based startup begins with the search for the right market.

Market research at the CES

“In 2018, we went to the CES for the first time, together with Startup Delta and Novel-T. The Trustbox was only a semi-finished product at the time, without a name and casing,” CEO Hans Klos explains. “A conscious choice. We wanted to explore the market first.” Consumers appeared to be not ready to protect their internet communication themselves. They put their trust in the Ziggo’s and KPNs and have no idea that the router and all smart devices in the house can easily be hacked. “They are prepared to pay more if the provider offers an extra safe router. Thanks to our cooperation partners NXP and Microsoft, we are now engaged in talks with, among others, a provider in India that wants to invest in cybersecurity.”

Security in industry

Scalys focuses on both the consumer and the industry. “An increasing number of machines are connected with the internet,” Hans says. “Manufacturers monitor, manage and maintain processes continuously and from a distance. When you are hacked, your production stops. We developed an industrial version of the Trustbox to protect machinery. Recently, we presented this to the industry at the German Embedded World trade fair.”

Making money

Scalys wants to roll out the TrustBox worldwide as soon as possible. “In two years’ time, other parties will have reached the same stage and we want to stay ahead of them,” Hans says. Developing hardware requires substantial investments. “Winning an award is nice, it brings a lot of attention and opens doors, but it also takes capital to make this a success and roll it out worldwide. That is why we are happy that we will be delivering the first TrustBoxes soon and we’ll start making money.”


From the beginning, Scalys has been looking for cooperation with partners. To develop the product, but also to gain an insight into the market or to find investors. Hans: “I recommend young entrepreneurs to find an experienced entrepreneur. Ask if you can spar for two hours and discuss your ideas. You both will gain new insights from this. You can always ask me. Feel free to send me a message via LinkedIn.”


The Scalys team impressed startup ambassador Mike Verkouter. “They are very committed, dare to take risks and to accelerate. We are honored to guide such enthusiastic entrepreneurs at the CES and take interesting parties and investors to their stand.” Do you also have a great business idea or smart innovation? Just like Scalys, we will be happy to help you with advice and deploy our network for you.

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