"Colleagues often do not know where the challenges and opportunities lie. We make crosslinks that innovation management softwares cannot create. That is our unique strength."
René Hol
31 October 2018


An entrepreneurial student Marlène Hol, friend Jochem Verburg and father René Hol are taking big steps within a short period of time with their company Mobina. They’re helping the manufacturing industry innovate with their IT technology. The idea for the company arose during a study assignment in 2015, where René had an interesting proposal. They combined current scientific knowledge about business processes and IT with experience in the manufacturing industry. In this way, a solution was developed that helps companies independently choose an appropriate ERP system. They have developed this idea further into a tool that designates and helps the manufacturer to realize process improvements and innovation opportunities.

Discovering challenges and opportunities

Their software allows you to view the complete business process, showing each step and linking it to the reference models. This helps to pinpoint specific issues within the he business for example within the product design, approach to purchasing, planning or way in which the production is organized. “Colleagues often do not know where the challenges and opportunities lie. We make crosslinks that innovation management software cannot create. That is our unique strength. This is how people and IT reinforce each other in the workplace. ”

@ Novel-T

Mobina received a Top Light Arrangement through Novel-T. We helped them develop the product, organize legal matters and helped set up their marketing. They also received assistance with the positioning of the company and the achievement of the manufacturing industry. “In the end we share the same mission: helping the manufacturing industry innovate.” In January 2018 they were in the finals of the Young Technology Award.


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