Boessenkool Machine Factory

Boessenkool Machine Factory
“18 billion spray canisters are produced every year, and every last one of them ends up in a landfill in the end. Our answer to this waste problem is the Despray installation.”
Eelco Osse
4 January 2019

Boessenkool Machine Factory

Entrepreneur Eelco Osse took over the Boessenkool machine factory in 2005, following his father’s footsteps. He soon left his mark on the company by implementing a number of product innovations. For example, he introduced the so-called flying tractor, a drone capable of lifting 500 kilograms. This drone had initially been developed for spraying crops, but was then developed further to provide supplies in disaster relief scenarios and transporting wounded people. As a result of this innovation, Boessenkool Machine Factory recently won the 2018 Dutch Innovation Award. None other than André Kuipers awarded it to him. According to Eelco, product innovations are of crucial importance to stay relevant in a highly competitive market.

Recylcing aerosol canisters

These last few months, Eelco has dedicated himself to developing a system for recycling aerosol canisters. ‘18 billion of these canisters are produced every year, and every last one of them ends up in a landfill in the end.’ To tackle this environmental issue, he developed the Despray system. The system separates liquids, gasses, and metals, and uses 100% of these materials to produce renewable resources. Regardless of whether the canisters in question contain hairspray, lubricating oil, or paint. The system has since been launched, and the first system was sold to a waste processing company in Maastricht. Recently, another system was recently sold which will be shipped to the United States soon.

Manufacturing in the US and Canada

Boessenkool currently has enough capacity to manufacture ten of these machines each year. Once things really start to get serious, Eelco plans to establish manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada as well. He is very positive about Despray’s future. ‘I expect the Osse Equipment Manufacturing Group to grow considerably, largely thanks to products that are geared towards recycling, reduction of CO2 emissions, and eMobility.’


In 2017, Eelco was lauded as innovative entrepreneur on behalf of Novel-T and the Twente region, as a result of the region being nominated Most Innovative Region. Two years prior, he won the regional Rode Loper award. This was an addition to his many other awards, such as the FME Export Award and an award for Sustainable Innovation awarded by the European Aerosol Federation. ‘These kinds of things always help you develop further, not just thanks to the wealth of great advice you are given, but also due to the many new contacts you establish.’


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