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Launch of new innovation center XL Cargo Drones to accelerate unmanned cargo aircraft industry

Press release: Launch of new innovation center XL Cargo Drones to accelerate unmanned cargo aircraft industry

Amsterdam, November 28th, 2018

Today, innovation center XL Cargo Drones has been launched at the Amsterdam Drone Week. The University of Twente, NLR- Netherlands Aerospace Centre and the Amsterdam University of Applied Science combine their research strengths in the field of cargo drones. The research activities are focussed on the requirements for the development and introduction of Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA). The three institutes set up a research agenda on all aspects of UCA operation from societal issues, logistical opportunities to technical challenges.

XL Cargo Drones offers the unique opportunity to get involved in a body of knowledge, a network of researchers and facilities all geared towards accelerating the UCA market introduction. Participants will be offered the opportunity to steer the multi-year research agenda of XL Cargo Drones. Both industry and government are invited to join the new initiative.

The research agenda for the coming years entails:

  • Methodologies for calculating benefits for UCA operation;
  • Regulations and procedures specific for UCA;
  • Effects of UCA on mobility;
  • Introduction strategies and social acceptance;
  • Optimization of the multi-modal logistic chain;
  • Optimization of unmanned cargo aircraft configurations.

Hans Heerkens, assistant professor at the University of Twente and chairman of the Platform Unmanned Cargo Aircraft: “Unmanned aircraft have huge potential, but everyone is waiting for everyone. By providing knowledge to inform investment and policy decisions, we hope to help manufacturers, operators and government organizations to make UCA a reality”.

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For more information about this initiative and interviews, please contact Cindy Marsman (PR XL Cargo Drones). c.marsman@novelt.com / +31 (0)6 42 31 20 77


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