TOP program for Twente-based startup Aryzon

The startup Aryzon has been awarded a TOP program and one-year of coaching by the Novel-T team. This program will enable their business, which develops 3D augmented reality glasses and software, to move to the next step more quickly.

TOP program for Twente-based startup Aryzon

De Twentse startup Aryzon krijgt een TOP-regeling en een jaar lang begeleiding van het team van Novel-T. Met deze regeling kunnen zij sneller de volgende stap zetten met hun bedrijf dat 3D augmented reality brillen en software ontwikkelt.

27 March 2018

Augmented Reality for all

With their glasses, Aryzon aim to bring 3D augmented reality within reach of everyone. “Affordable, scalable, easy to use, and with a wealth of possibilities,” says Leon Schipper, co-owner of Aryzon. The Aryzon headset, like the simple virtual reality glasses Cardboard by Google, consists of a cardboard frame in which a smartphone can be placed. Unlike with Google Cardboard, with Aryzon the user does not directly look at the screen of the smartphone, but at the real world, while a holographic image is projected via a mirror and a lens. This is done via the Aryzon app and specially developed software supplied with the headset.

From gaming to medical applications

The Aryzon headset brings digital content to life in your own environment. A puppy playing on your desk, you are holding a digital deck of cards, or you are restyling your home with new furniture. The glasses also offer valuable possibilities for use in education and museums. For example, a physiotherapist can easily show a 3D image of what is causing the pain in your knee. “With our open source platform developers can visualize their own digital content and create their own applications,” Leon Schipper explains. “This way we bring 3D augmented reality closer to businesses and consumers, which will lead to an increased demand for software. Most people are familiar with Augmented Reality via Pokémon Go and the IKEA app, but these apps are 2D, because the user looks at a screen.”

An improved product and a boost for the number of employees

They won the UT Challenge 2017, they raised more than one hundred thousand euro in a single day with their Kickstarter campaign, and they have already supplied their AR glasses worldwide. The next step for their business is the creation of an improved headset that is more comfortable and a new lens in all products, which will improve the quality of the view and colours. The TOP program allows them to extend their working capacity and to scale up more quickly.

The TOP program

The TOP program is a (pre-)seed fund for innovative startups in Twente and has offered financial and business development support to innovative companies for over more than 25 years. Participating entrepreneurs have access to several forms of support during their TOP year, including legal advice, communication advice, networking and financial support.

The awarding takes place through a market scan for companies that aspire the TOP program. The market scan focuses on relevant market data (such as market size, trends, and competitors) and the businesses are assessed. This market scan then serves as input for the TOP committee, which is responsible for awarding the TOP positions.


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