hands-on support for companies during the Corona crisis

Experts assist with financial, legal and practical questions.

Hands-on support for companies during the Corona crisis

Specifically for regional manufacturing companies, young startups and fast growers, Novel-T provides a team of experts for hands-on support during the Corona crisis. This support team is ready to help these entrepreneurs to find and apply for government arrangements and to advise on financial as well as legal matters. In addition, they offer tips and advice on the switch to remote working.

18 March 2020

The measures to counter the further spread of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus are taken a step further every day. The shutdown of our society leads to immediate problems and a lot of questions for many companies, large and small. For example about financial or legal issues, and how to deal with over- or undercapacity of employees. At Novel-T we have a lot of expertise in the field of innovative entrepreneurship. We make this knowledge and experience available to help companies with their challenges arising from the COVID-19 situation. Together with our founders and partners, we put our shoulders to the wheel in order to limit the damage that the regional economy suffers as much as possible.

1-on-1 support of the experts

Entrepreneurs who want to have a 1-on-1 conversation, can contact us directly at support@novelt.com or call 053-483 6800. Questions will be forwarded to the relevant expert so that a meeting can be scheduled.

Webpage with the latest updates for entrepreneurs

On the landing page novelt.com/corona, entrepreneurs can find the latest updates and important information that apply specifically to entrepreneurs, in Dutch and English. Additionally, it offers an up-to-date overview of the places where the most current information can be found.

Daily information and Q&A session

Every day, there is a digital information and Q&A session at 9:30 am. Here entrepreneurs can ask their questions to a team of experts from different disciplines. You can find the link to join this session via novelt.com/corona.

Visit the support page.


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