Get off to a rocket start with Novel-T SMART

Get off to a rocket start with Novel-T SMART

Egbert van Hattem tells you why do you need to sign up for the Novel-T SMART program right now

11 October 2022

Completing projects is an inevitable part of your study, right? Just imagine, that you do this for functioning businesses, working on a relevant situation they stumble on in their practice. And you are guided by a docent and supported by experts. Doesn’t this sounds like a promising practical project for your cv?

Sometimes, you can earn extra cash working in the field where you have already acquired the necessary knowledge during your study. You develop a network of professionals within the Twente region (which is even more attractive for international students) and you learn a lot. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the feasibility of your task. All this because Novel-T SMART is there for you. Egbert van Hattem, coordinator at Novel-T SMART, tells you how it works.

Novel-T SMART is better to know

Want to look beyond the horizons of your studies? In that case, knowing Novel-T SMART comes in handy. You’ll learn a lot of skills, content and methods during your study. But knowledge alone will not get you there in your professional career. Knowing how to apply that knowledge creatively and putting it into practice is vital to excel in your field. That’s why we at Novel-T SMART have interesting issues and questions that lie within your field of study.

Closing the gap between student and entrepreneur

Novel-T SMART receives requests from businesses that want to collaborate with the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences or ROC van Twente on innovation or want to explore new areas of expertise. The people within Team SMART creatively translate these questions into a project format that is both challenging and feasible for students. Egbert: “This can be in the form of a final project, internship, team project, a meeting with subject experts or an event. A student who receives an attractive assignment from Novel-T SMART can be assured of the feasibility of the task within the time given and alignment with his study. This is because we understand what research can and can not bring. For this we have the theoretical knowledge, experience and overview of the expertise at the UT, Saxion and ROC van Twente. I myself previously completed a study which included both physics and social science subjects.  I’ve been involved in research and its translation into society for over a quarter of a century. That experience serves me very well within Novel-T SMART”.

An assignment for everyone

We have assignments for just about every area of interest. “We offer challenging projects for students in every field,” Egbert explains. “For both technical and social or mixed studies, such as communication, educational science, applied medicine or business informatics. For example, if a business wants to conquer the European market. In that case, Business Administration or European Studies students can help find the right flow of grants. This can be in the form of a paid internship or a secondary job. Even first-year students can find projects here for which they can get study points. Egbert “Technology serving a social purpose in unexpected ways pleases me the most. For example, students making an online Work Values scan through Novel-T SMART for vocational students with an occupational disability. This online tool helps businesses and vocational students to monitor the progress of their skills during the study. This concerns both their technical skills, such as carpentry or bricklaying, and their social skills, such as maintaining focus at work and keeping to agreements.”

The road to success

The moment you start working on a project, the transition has already been made. Egbert: “You can tell the customer is very much involved and can’t wait for the outcome of your research. You have to learn independently to look closely at the customer’s wishes. The same time, you are always guided by a subject teacher from your department or research group. But we keep a finger on the pulse too, as a backup and to help you further, if necessary. This is extremely educational, as you’ll be immersed in the actual practical issues in society and the business community.”

For example, Pim Langeveld completed his Industrial Design Engineering study at the University of Twente at Bouwmetaal B.V.  “As a result of his graduation thesis ‘Innovation for the more sustainable and efficient transport of construction components’, Bouwmetaal B.V. took immediate action. The rubber mats, the effective task system and the protocol for working with due care at the factory, during transport and on the construction site were implemented successfully. An impressive project that he can certainly add to his portfolio or CV. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

Playing a role in society

Students actively search for a practical and original interpretation of their graduation assignments with a view to their future jobs. And they can certainly find that here in Twente. Just take a look at how interesting the business community is in the Twente region. Both at technical companies and in the field of social entrepreneurship. If you’re a student right now, simply look at the business community in the region and at society and ask yourself: how can I make a difference with the things I’ve learned to date? Novel-T SMART gives students an opportunity to make an impact.”


Novel-T SMART offers challenges, final projects, internship assignments and secondary jobs for smart minds. Curious if there is something for you too? Don’t wait, check out this page.



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