Founders ratify collaboration in new covenant

Founders ratify collaboration in new covenant

Kennispark Twente will collaborate with its five founders to expand its activities over the next four years. This afternoon the new covenant was signed by the University of Twente, Saxion, the Province of Overijssel, ‘Regio Twente’ (Twente Region) and the municipality of Enschede. “We plan to work with sharpened ambition in which the power of industry and start-ups will have a central role in terms of a promise for the economy of tomorrow and the future”, says Pieter Dillingh, Board member at Kennispark Twente.

13 July 2016

Through the advent of digitisation, robotics, new materials, nanotechnology and technical innovations, we find ourselves in a rapidly changing world. Innovation is extremely important for a healthy economy. The region must continue to work on creating and/or maintaining jobs. Kennispark is used by the founders to enable (starting) companies to respond to the changing economic reality. The focal point is on access to knowledge, talent and financial resources in the context of networks and infrastructure.

Eddy van Hijum, Provincial Executive member for economic affairs and representative for the Province of Overijssel: “In the future we want to use Kennispark to place a greater focus on strengthening and renewing existing SMEs throughout the entire eastern Netherlands region. This way we stimulate the regional economy and create work.”

Kennispark Twente

As connector of the regional innovation ecosystem based on technology, business and relevance for end users, Kennispark Twente is ‘the’ place to be for enterprising students and researchers, entrepreneurs and companies that want to innovate. “We inspire and encourage start-ups and SME companies to take up opportunities and challenges in the field of innovation. In addition, we have the ambition to position Kennispark locally, nationally and internationally”, says Kees Eijkel, Board member at Kennispark Twente.

The entrepreneurial high-tech region

Twente is the high-tech region of the Netherlands with more than 1200 companies and approximately 28,000 employees in the technology sector. Twente is also well known in Europe as an expert in the field of top technology: in this regard, Nano, robotics, sensors and advanced materials all come to mind. The strong development of the High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) sector in Twente is due in part to the interaction between the entrepreneurship of the University of Twente and Saxion. In 2015, the University of Twente was named the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands in terms of valorisation, with spin-offs such as Thuisbezorgd.nl, Demcon and Booking.com. Saxion is an expert in the field of living technology and famous names such as Drukwerkdeal, Prescan and EW Facility Services can be listed as some of its spin-offs. Kennispark offers active support to at least sixty start-ups per year. We work with companies such as Thales, TenCate, Philips and Boeing, utilising field labs, open innovation centres, innovation projects and network events and more for that purpose.


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