Novel-T supported by founders

Our founders, the University of Twente, Saxion, the Enschede local authority, Regio Twente and the Province of Overijssel, provide a solid basis for Novel-T. We join forces and shape the future of Twente. Discover more about our founding partners and their roles in the ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship.

University of Twente

As most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands, the fundamental objective of the University of Twente is to create value for and have an impact on society through first-class education and groundbreaking research. The collaboration with Novel-T offers new ways to explore joint product and technology development with business partners, creating innovative business models and tackling organizational challenges.

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Entrepreneurship is a high priority for Saxion. Out of 26,000 students (Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn), an average of 650 become entrepreneurs every year. The Saxion Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship supports students and staff with entrepreneurship education, advice and support, events, financing and networking in respect of establishing their own company. Saxion works in partnership with Novel-T and other important players in the region.​

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Regio Twente

The municipalities of Twente work together under the “Regio Twente” initiative. They regard Novel-T as an important catalyst for the regional economy in this top technological region. Promoting high tech innovation and entrepreneurship and allowing more starters, companies and international investors to discover the power of Twente generates more employment opportunities and makes the region more attractive to talent.

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Gemeente Enschede

The high tech sector is of vital importance to a sustainable economy in Enschede and Twente. We are the most entrepreneurial high tech region in the Netherlands. We want to preserve and expand our position to generate more employment opportunities at all levels. That is why Gemeente Enschede is working with Novel-T to create an ecosystem that stimulates and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Provincie Overijssel

Twente, the leading high tech Region of Europe. That is our shared ambition. To this end, we focus on the facilitation of high tech startups, innovation and growth of the many existing SME manufacturing companies that form the backbone of the economy in Twente. That is a specific new objective set by Novel-T to which Overijssel Province is also committed.

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