Meet our six finalists of the Young Technology Award 2017

Meet our six finalists of the Young Technology Award 2017

The six innovative companies that will battle for the grand prize of €5.000 on Monday December 11, 2017 are: 20Face, Ecofalt, Ipsum Energy, Mobina IT, Smart2IT and SwipeGuide.

10 October 2017


20Face is bringing the next-generation of facial recognition software technology. The technology is robust against face angles, different lighting conditions, low-resolution images and partial face occlusions. It can identify people based on only one image what makes it very attractive for real-time applications and embedded platforms such as cameras and smartphones.


Ecofalt is the new, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for asphalt. Ecofalt is completely generated without any heat in contrary to regular asphalt. This leads to a 100% deduction of gas consumption and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the foundation and the intermediate layer consist for 90% out of recycled demolition debris.

Ipsum Energy

Ipsum Energy eliminates the blindness in energy consumption. It is based on a unique algorithm developed which can identifies and names appliances from a single point of measurement without the need for intelligent hardware. The innovative disaggregation automatically detects electrical devices and their use, enabling sustained saving and real-time consumer engagement.

Mobina IT

The software of Mobina IT provides SME manufacturing companies the required knowledge to innovate without the usage of rare and expensive consultants. They are offering an unique and practical process reference model to navigate through the business issues by converting rare and complex knowledge to a more approachable form for their customers.


Smart2IT is developing a software as a service (SAAS) application/platform based on the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology. The 3D visualization component in the form of Virtual- and Augmented Reality enhances the communication between their customer and its customers/consumers for every online device or operating system.


SwipeGuide offers companies a ready-to-use cloud platform to create, edit, publish and share visual step-by-step instructions easily and instantly to intuitive mobile apps and websites. With our software, anyone – whether you are a manufacturer of a coffee machine, a self-built bike or  a high-pressure cleaner – can easily create effective instructions for use without in depth knowledge of instructional design or technical writing. SwipeGuide improves the customer experience, reduces services costs and piles of paper from being wasted.

About the Young Technology Award

The Young Technology Award is intended to put young, innovative companies or innovative business cases in the spotlight. At the final, the six nominated companies or business cases will be invited to defend their entries to the jury. The final will take place on the evening of Monday December 11, 2017 at the ‘Grote Kerk’, Oude Markt, Enschede. The language during the final will be English. Nominees have 3 minutes to present their pitch, after which the jury will ask them a few questions. The pitches will alternate with other elements of the program. Immediately after the jury’s deliberation, the award will be presented to the winning initiative.


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