30-10-2017 Afgelopen, The Gallery - Room 'Reactor' (Hengelosestraat 500, Enschede)

Workshop: From idea to patent to business 

Gain knowledge about the value of their research, about the do’s and don’ts in relation to patents, about finding the ways that lead to entrepreneurship through research, the rules at UT and meeting the business development team. This workshop is for all PhD-candidates and Postdocs from UT. 

First session 

Date: 30th of October 2017
Business development support at the UT: Process, team and opportunities 
Patents: Publications, IP, Non disclosure agreements, Patent Attorney, Novelty Search, Market Research 

Second session 

Date: 6th of November 2017
Business Development support at the UT: Legal support, funding 
How to start your company: business plan, market scans, risks, shareholders agreements 
Holding Technopolis Twente (HTT) of the UT: economical value of a patent, shares, interests and the entrepreneurial scientist 

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