Startup Talk with Rik Stamhuis of Jiro-Ve

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Startup Talk with Rik Stamhuis of Jiro-Ve
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Online - Livestream from Incubase
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This week Rik Stamhuis of Jiro-Ve is joining us for a Startup Talk!

It is the mission of Jiro-Ve to make renewable energy accessible to every single person in Madagascar. How? By disrupting the current industry of candles and kerosene with our inclusive micro-franchise model.

UT-alumnus Rik Stamhuis worked in different positions all around the globe before starting Jiro-Ve. He is passionate about innovation and passionate about reaching sustainable development goals. Learn from this sustainable entrepreneur how he created a startup that is relevant to society. There is room to ask questions!

Novel-T | Incubase Startup Talk 6 October

Novel-T | Incubase Startup Talk



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