Researcher Impact Challenge
Researcher Impact Challenge

Researcher Impact Challenge

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14-05-2020 / 07-06-2020
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Researcher Impact Challenge

Has your research been slowed down by closing of the University facilities? Are you tired of only digesting theory and writing your insights? Put this dormant period to good use by learning skills to valorise your research in the Researcher Impact Challenge! During this fully digital programme, which is part of the Twente Graduate School, you will learn entrepreneurial skills from top experts, develop an entrepreneurial mindset and discover your research’s business potential.

About the Challenge

The Novel-T Researcher Impact Challenge is a challenge that dares University of Twente and Saxion researchers to think about the business potential of their research.

During the first phase, you will learn everything you need to know as a researcher about business modelling, pitching, financing and patents in four online masterclasses. You’ll receive business coaching in one-on-one video calls. In the second phase, you’ll apply the skills you’ve learned to make a proposition of the potential application of your technology into the market. The best cases will then be selected to make a digital pitch in front of a panel.

As this challenge is part of the Twente Graduate School, all researchers that attend the full program will receive 1 EC for participating. Furthermore, promising cases will be offered opportunities for business coaching and conversations with venture capitalists. The researcher with the best pitch wins the prize package of €1000 euros. Of this money, €250 is yours to spend freely. €750 will be available to make impact on your research. Think of a promotional video to showcase your research to the world, a 3D model to aid in presentations, or a visit to that research conference you’ve always wanted.

About the hosts

This program will be hosted by the Knowledge Transfer Office, Novel-T’s team dedicated to valorising research. The services of the Knowledge Transfer Office have profited many University of Twente researchers before you. Previous participants include: Tide Microfluidics, Eurekite, MercuryLab, Sirius Medical Systems BV, LipoCoat, Locsense.

Program outline

13th of May | Registration closes
14th of May | Program kick-off and masterclass value proposition | 13:30 – 16:00
15th of May  | Masterclass business modelling | 14:00 – 16:00
18th of May | Masterclass market analysis | 10:00 – 12:00
19th of May | Masterclass patent law & workshop pitching | 10:00 – 12:00
19th to the 29th of May | Individual coaching sessions | by appointment
31th of May | Submission deadline
1st to 7th of June | Announcement of the finalists & pitches to the jury panel
Please view the FAQ below for attendance guidelines


Participation is free of charge. We will make use of the Golden Egg Check Academy platform to receive your registration and submissions. Your registration will be communicated with the Twente Graduate School. After sign up, no further action is required until the digital kick-off event and masterclasses. We will send you the video conference link through e-mail.

Sign up for this program: on the challenge platform 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the Bootcamp: Entrepreneurial Researcher and the Researcher Impact Challenge?
    The Research Impact Challenge has the same masterclasses as the Bootcamp. Given that the University facilities are closed, we’ve decided to add a challenge element.
  • Can I participate in the challenge if I have previously participated in the Bootcamp: Entrepreneurial Researcher?
    Yes, you are allowed to participate in the challenge to compete for the prize. However, you will not receive extra ECs as the bootcamp contains the same theory as the masterclasses in the Researcher Impact Challenge.
  • Is attendance of the masterclasses and workshops obligatory?
    Attendance is obligatory for University of Twente participants that seek to recieve 1EC through the Twente Graduate School. For participants that have previously completed the Bootcamp: Entrepreneurial Researcher or are from Saxion and seek to compete for the price, attendance is not obligatory. Attendance to the kick-off is in this case recommended.
  • What are the criteria for selecting a winner in this contest?
    The jury panel will take into consideration the problem-solution fit, technology readiness level, market opportunities, quality of the pitch and submission as well as the potential impact.
  • Why have you organised this challenge?
    Simply said, Novel-T is the ‘business unit’ of the University of Twente. We’re responsible for valorising university research. Hence, we’re always actively searching for research that has market potential and may profit from our services.  This challenge aids in fulfilling that task.
  • Can I join the Research Impact Challenge as Saxion researcher?
    Yes, you’re welcome to join the program. Unfortunately, we’re not able to reward you with ECs upon completion, as this is arranged through the Twente Graduate School.
  • What is the language used in the programs?
    The program will be conducted in English.
  • My questions still have not been answered!
    Please contact Tim de Ruiter at



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