Meetup Cybersecurity 4 april 2019
Meetup Cybersecurity 4 april 2019

Meetup Cybersecurity

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Room Mondriaan - Shared Facility Center HTSP, Hengelo

The spoken language of the meetup cybersecurity is Dutch.

General information

Every first thursday of the month: Meetup Cybersecurity

Cyber incidents can have a huge impact on your organization. During the monthly Meetup Cybersecurity, we share knowledge and experiences to increase the cyber resilience of manufacturing companies. On Thursday, April 4th, from 4.00pm – 6.00pm (walk in at 3.30pm), we will talk about digital espionage, sabotage & the need for threat intelligence.

Digital espionage, sabotage & extortion in the manufacturing industry

Espionage for economic gain is as old as the road to Rome. But did you know that the (high tech) manufacturing industry was mentioned as one of the sectors that is regularly attacked? Where does that interest from foreign services come from in our industry? And can they also be interested in your company?

How do you find out if you are vulnerable to digital espionage? What are the measures you have to take to stop you from espionage? What is “threat intelligence” and how can you use this in your organization? We will respond to these and other questions during the meetup on April 4.

The speakers of the meetup are:

  • Job of the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD). Job is head of the unit of NBV. The NBV supports and advises the Dutch government and the business community in protecting digital information. The NBV also deals with detection and response in the government and vital organizations. Job will tel more about threats, increasing attack surfaces and espionage during the meetup.
  • Rick Hofstede is Product Manager at Tesorion, a cybersecurity company with many customers in the manufacturing industry. Rick has been involved in digital attack vectors for years. During the meetup, Rick will tell more about how threat intell can be used to take measure against cyber incidents timely.

This meetup is for anyone who is interested in cyber threats and in particular for companies that are busy with innovation and who are suppliers to (for example) the defense industry, high tech industry or vital sectors.


Novel-T develops the Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry with FME, Metaalunie, VMO, OostNL and CIO platform. The mission of this center is to increase the resilience of manufacturing companies against digital threats by sharing knowledge and connecting parties. Read more about the Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry and the possibilities to join in this center.

Practical information


The meetup takes place in Room Mondriaan – Shared Facility Center HTSP in Hengelo.

Room Mondriaan - Shared Facility Center HTSP, Hengelo
Shared Facility Center HTSP, Haaksbergerstraat, Hengelo, Nederland



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