Meetup Cybersecurity 12 september 2019
Meetup Cybersecurity 12 september 2019

Meetup Cybersecurity

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
DesignLab, room Inform, Hengelosestraat 500, Enschede

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The digital transformation of society, business and governments is in full swing. New, rapidly developing IT solutions and technology are changing the world around us. One of the consequences of this is that criminal increasingly strike through the digital channels. This often has major consequences and makes cybersecurity so important. To guarantee the safety of people and companies, new (business) ideas and solutions in the field of IT and cybersecurity are needed.

  • Do you have a (business) idea and do you want to start a business in IT or cybersecurity?
  • Do you want to think along with new solutions for issues of existing companies?
  • Or do you have a issue or problem within your company for which you are looking for a solution?

Join the Meetup Cybersecurity on September 12th, which is all about creating new business ideas in the field of IT and cybersecurity. It is an opportunity for you to gain inspiration, to think along with you about new solutions and to come up with your own ideas and bring them further. In addition, you engage in conversation and come into contact with students, startups, entrepreneurs, IT and cybersecurity specialists. We are happy to bring the proceeds of the ideas forward with the creators.


  • Elkan Roelen is the founder of SMILO: a platform that focusses on solutions for privacy and anonymity issues.  He will tell you more about his product and how he created new business. He can also tell you more about the possibilities of jobs, challenges and goals in this sector.
  • Bert Heitink is a certified international cybersecurity specialist (SIEM/SOC): founder of Sincerus in 2004 and about to launch a new company. Bert will tell you more on how to discover the possibilities in the world of ICT and cyber. He can also share his experiences with the grow of a startup.


Novel-T develops the Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry with FME, Metaalunie, VMO, OostNL and CIO platform. The mission of this center is to increase the resilience of manufacturing companies against digital threats by sharing knowledge and connecting parties. Read more about the Cybersecurity Center for the Manufacturing Industry and the possibilities to join in this center.

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The meetup takes place in the DesignLab, room Inform, in The Gallery in Enschede.

DesignLab, room Inform, Hengelosestraat 500, Enschede
DesignLab University of Twente, Hengelosestraat, Enschede, Nederland



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