14-09-2018 Afgelopen, DesignLab Universiteit Twente

ECIU Creathon for Smarter Regional Development

Digitalisation, Urbanisation, Climate Change, Sustainability: how do these global trends affect our daily lives and how challenging can they be for the cities that we live in? What is our view on the future of our region and how can we develop our own smart environment on a regional scale? We will explore these challenges during the ECIU Creathon from September 14 till September 17.

September 14-15-16-17: Creathon Weekend

In the third weekend of September (14-17) we will explore some of these challenges together with students and professionals, focusing on smarter regional development. The weekend is organised by Novel-T and DesignLab University of Twente for ECIU (European Consortium of Innovative Universities) members and their triple-helix partners, along with Enschede smart city alliances.

What will we do?

During an extended weekend we will integrate the knowledge and experience of professionals (scientists, businessmen, civil servants) with the energy, creativity and drive of young talent and entrepreneurs. We will combine a Creathon for students and young entrepreneurs, with a workshop based on Science2Design4Society (S2D4S) methodology for professionals. The two programs will run in parallel and will be connected via speed dates in which the Creathon teams can tap into the knowledge of the professionals.

The challenges for the Creathon will focus on your regional implications of Digitalisation, Urbanisation and Climate Change & Sustainability. The target of the S2D4S workshop for professionals will be to develop a practical framework for ELS (Ethical, Legal and Societal) readiness levels, including metrics and indicators, to better judge the impact of smart developments.

9 reasons why you should join the Creathon

Are you ready to join the Creathon? 9 reasons why:

  1. Win the first prize of €1.000
  2. Win the second prize of €500
  3. Win the soft landing prizes with professional support to the most interesting solutions 
  4. Win special sponsored prizes that will be announced the day of the event by the challenge owners
  5. Get a certificate for your participation
  6. Develop your network with partners all over the world
  7. Get knowledge and skills by working in multidisciplinary teams
  8. Work with fellow creative minds and professionals from 10 different cities
  9. Have fun while working on concrete solutions in an all-inclusive 3 days event.
Sign up now!

We invite all enthusiastic students to apply. Register here before September 7.

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