Campus Twente Café – November 26th, 2020
Campus Twente Café – November 26th, 2020

Campus Twente Café - 26 november

15:30 - 19:00

This edition of Campus Twente Cafe is completely digitally.

Campus Twente Cafe is a new formula of the innovation hotspots in Twente and Novel-T, which unites the innovation community through breakout sessions about new technologies, innovative and international entrepreneurship, and connecting talent. Besides sharing knowledge, there’s also room to get to know each other better through a digital networking platform. This is your chance to enhance your network with inspiring people.

Program November 26th, 2020 

3.30pm – 7pm | Networking

Campus Twente Cafe is aimed at meeting and sharing knowledge in an informal setting. That’s why there is the possibility of getting in touch with each other throughout the event. We created a digital meeting space for you. Meet students, scientists, tech professionals, and high tech entrepreneurs. Meet and strengthen each other.

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4 pm – 4.45 pm | Knowledge session: ‘Data is the new oil’

*The spoken language of this session is Dutch

70% of companies think they don’t use their data to their advantage (or not enough). So how do you become a data-driven organization, and what are the advantages? Where do you start? In this session, Little Rocket will share their experiences on how you can turn your company into a data-driven one, what the trends are, and they will give some inspiring examples of the use of data in practice.

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4 pm – 4.45 pm | Knowledge session: ‘The link between reputation and relevance’

Are you experiencing some difficulties in finding a balance between different interests? What is relevant to you does not have to be relevant to others. So how do you ensure that you as an organization organize your activities in such a way that you keep your target audience engaged? During this session, Job van Harmelen (Thales) will go on a quest with you to find the link between reputation and relevance. If you are an entrepreneur of an SME or a manager of a multinational, after this session, you will know how to find a common agenda that will enhance your individual agenda.

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4.30 pm – 5.30 pm | Knowledge session: ‘Developments at Campus Kennispark Twente’ 

A lot is happening at the innovation campus Kennispark Twente. New buildings pop up like daisies, buildings are being renovated and become more sustainable. And we are not done yet. In this session about the developments at the campus, we want to focus on two projects: the realization of the Gallery phase 2 and a concept that we want to explore further: The Connection. ITC will settle in the vacant part of the Gallery on the left side, but not before the building has undergone a complete transformation. Nico-Tom Pen will give you insights on what it will look like. In addition, we are working on a new concept, a new building named The Connection, for growing (student) startups with potential. There is also space for working together on innovations in challenged based teams of SME, startups, and students. Mike Verkouter would like to have you as a sounding board on what kind of facilities you want to have in such a building.

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5pm – 6pm | Drones, what can I do with it? 

*The spoken language of this session is Dutch

During a round table discussion, we will talk with the entrepreneurs of Technology Base. We show what’s already been done when it comes to drones, what else we already can do and are allowed to do, and which possibilities there are in the future.

Table guests:

  • Marc Sandelowsky, program director Space53
  • Roel van der Wal, training and coaching Drone operations
  • Bob Rietveld, an entrepreneur who altered his company so he’s able to do more with drones
  • A3T droneteam, consisting of students who are already coming up with solutions for SMEs

Through a series of examples we show what’s already possible and we elaborate shortly on the consequences of new laws and regulations for SMEs. With interactive sessions, we will look at the possible problems for which drones could provide the solution, and what is necessary to actually execute it.

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5pm – 5.45pm | Knowledge session: ‘International entrepreneurship during Covid-19’

Do you have an SME company or a startup, and has Covid-19 affected your international activities or plans? You are not on your own. There are several instruments to support companies with entrepreneurship across borders. For example, a virtual trade mission or financial support of the government to create a road map to limit the effects of Covid-19 abroad. The World Trade Center will discuss the different possibilities during this session.

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5 pm – 6pm | Knowledge session: ‘Deep dive technologies at Kennispark’ 

Working at an innovation campus? That means working on solutions of the future! Kennispark is buzzing with technologies of the future. In this session, you will find out which technologies of the future you can already discover at Kennispark and what that means for your own career perspective. What are the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence? What are the options of photonics? And how can you efficiently make use of nanotechnology? Demcon, Sqills, and Phix will give you a deep dive into the application of their expertise. What is de current situation of these technologies? What are the challenges for the future? And on what kind of social solutions are they working at the moment. Sign up for this session and find out! Especially interesting for an engineer with ambition to know what you can contribute.

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