Campus Café juni 2022
Campus Café juni 2022

Campus Café - Chip Design Twente

15:30 - 17:30
Designlab, The Gallery

Campus Café

De Twente innovation campuses and Novel-T have joined forces and developed a concept to bring together on content entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and talent: Campus Café. Campus Café connects de Twente innovation community with breakout sessions on new technologies, innovative and international entrepreneurship and to engage talent. You will also have the opportunity to get to know each other during networking. You’re welcome to join on 16th of June!

Chip Design Twente | The next step for Europe

Twente is on the national and international map as a hotspot for Chip Design. With a strong department at the University of Twente headed by scientist Bram Nauta and 9 Twente chip design companies, customers worldwide benefit from the unique knowledge from Twente. The chips that roll out of the wafer fabs of companies such as Taiwanese TSMC and – closer
to home – NXP are designed by the bright minds of Twente companies such as Bruco, ICSense, Axign and the Twente design department of multinational Teledyne. But not only
chip design is strongly represented, also other components from the semicon cluster are strongly anchored in Twente and the Eastern Netherlands. Just think of the MESA+ institute
of the University of Twente, Salland Engineering, test centre Eurofins | MASER and equipment company Solmates. If we also consider the strong clustering of companies around photonic and microfluidic chips, Twente has a good starting position to investigate how the various technologies can eventually be integrated into heterogeneous systems. And if we dream on, is Twente also a perfect place to build a factory where these heterogeneous chips can roll off the assembly line? Time for an in-depth Campus Café to explore the opportunities for the future. Will you join us?

Discussion: Chip Design Twente, the next step for Europe?

Bram Nauta takes us through the differences between analogue, digital and photonic chips and the applications that make new integrated and heterogeneous systems possible. Why
does Twente have such a strong starting position? Which chip design products can we design ourselves in the Netherlands? And how does he look at the integration of electronic,
photonic and microfluidic chips? He will be joined by Ivan Stojanovic, business developer at Oost NL and enthusiastic about the opportunities that the Chips Act and the allocation of growth fund resources to PhotonDelta and NXTGEN Twente have to offer. The discussion will be led by Anne-Wil Lucas, director of Kennispark Twente.

Pitch time! ‘My’ system is tha bomb!

In Twente we are strong in chip design for electronic chips, but also in photonic chips and microfluidics. At the moment, these are still separate fields of study, and some people naturally think they are the promise of the future more than others. Well, come on! Tell us, why is your field tha bomb!
Challenger 1: Electronic chip design
Challenger 2: Quantum/Photonic chips
Challenger 3: Microfluidic chips

Business development Brainstorm

We step out of the ring and into the brainstorm room. Because what could we make if we manage to develop heterogeneous systems or chips? Can we then have a quick test for
corona in our hand by spitting on our iPhone? We challenge you to think outside the box and come up with the wildest applications! Who knows, maybe together we will come up with products and research directions that can lead to a research project for Twente. Dare to dream!

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