Campus Café – 18 maart
Campus Café – 18 maart

Campus Café: Fit & free with Technology

15:00 - 17:30

Campus Café

De Twente innovation campuses and Novel-T have joined forces and developed a concept to bring together on content entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and talent: Campus Café. Campus Café connects de Twente innovation community with breakout sessions on new technologies, innovative and international entrepreneurship and to engage talent. You will also have the opportunity to get to know each other during networking. You’re welcome to join on February 18!

Theme: Fit and free with Technology

Due to the lockdown, we are limited in our freedom of movement, and we aren’t getting any healthier. How long will it take before we can safely go to the gym, festivals, sports stadiums, and theaters? In the last couple of weeks, we see more and more experiments using smart technology to make this possible again. Even without Covid-19, the role of technology in sports and our health becomes more important by the day. In this edition of Campus Cafe, we zoom in on the role of technology in health and sports. We showcase some of the examples of smart technology from Twente that will make us fit and free again, and we share knowledge about data science and sport.

3.30 – Breakout session | Optimizing training with technology

Professional athletes train hard to peak when they need to. But how can they get the most out of their training, without injuring or straining themselves? Athletes and trainers often make these decisions based on subjective estimates, which is not always very accurate. This same issue is present in recreational sports, healthcare, and revalidation. Tech companies from Twente are working hard on products that help solve this issue. Frits Oosterveld, Lecturer Health & Wellbeing at Saxion, will discuss this topic with you in this session. How can we connect existing technologies to practical issues?

3.30 – Breakout session | Technology deepdive: Data science with Ecare and Esports Team Twente

Health and sports are more and more connected to technology. This session will be about the use of Data Science within the theme of Fit and Free with Technology. Esports Team Twente will explain how they use Data Science in an Esports world that is professionalizing rapidly. Because how can you use data to keep improving your gameplay? Next, Ecare will show a different side of data science: they will talk about their use of Data Science to develop smart solutions in healthcare.

4.30 – Breakout session | Olympic Games: opportunities for your company?

The Olympics bring opportunities to Dutch businesses, even if the event doesn’t take place around the corner. All those stadiums, the Olympic village, and the infrastructure surrounding them do not build themselves. In this session, you will discover which new opportunities the Olympics have to offer for your business.

4.30 – Breakout session | The power of breathing

Stress is an important constant in the fast-paced world we’re living in. How great would it be to just breathe that stress away? During this session, Steven Zwerink will offer you an inspiring mix of theory and practical exercises about breathing. Because what is the difference between mouth and nose breathing? Can you overpower stress by just breathing? And how does ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof conquer the cold with his breathing – and can you do the same? You will learn to breathe better, which will improve your resiliency, agility, and stress level.

4.30 – Breakout session | Back to visiting big events thanks to technologies from Twente, developed by Hestia and ECsens

Are you looking forward to visiting soccer games, concerts, and other big events as much as we are? Those events might sound like a future dream, but the companies Hestia and ECsens from Twente are working hard to make them possible in a safe way. During this session, Hestia will introduce you to their new platform that uses data to generate valid entrance tickets and to inform visitors about where and at what time they are expected to show up. Furthermore, ECsens will share some insights with you about their prototype for a real-time corona test system, specially designed for a maximum transit of visitors.


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