Blockchain & Health
Blockchain & Health

Blockchain & Health

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Deventer Ziekenhuis, Nico Bolkesteinlaan 75, Deventer

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Blockchain & Health

They say that blockchain is the biggest technological innovation since the rise of Internet. What can a new technology as blockchain mean for healthcare and welfare. What are the consequences for previously made agreements and principles for data exchange in the healthcare sector and the social domain? On Thursday January 16,  Saxion, Health Valley, Zorginstutuut Nederland and Novel-T are organizing a meeting about several subjects concerning blockchain in the healthcare sector.

Note: The spoken language of this event is Dutch. 


13:00 | 13:30


13:30 | 14:00

Welcome and introduction

Lector Jan Veuger

14:00 | 14:30

Developments in Healthcare

Herco Coomans (Ministery of VWS) en Louis Overgoor (Bettery)

14:30 | 15:00

Debt counseling and Blockchain

Joost van Keulen (CGI Groningen) en Ronald Kramer (Saxion)

15:00 | 15:30


15:30 | 16:00

Blockchain in the Healthcare sector

Henk Duinkerken (Microbiome Center NL)

16:00 | 16:30

Security and Blockchain

Peter Cozijnzen (CGI Rotterdam)


Deventer Ziekenhuis, Nico Bolkesteinlaan 75, Deventer
Nico Bolkesteinlaan 75, 7416 SE Deventer, Nederland

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