Dutch Student Investment Fund

The Dutch Student Investment Fund is a fund that is founded by students for students, in June 2015. It’s the first European venture capital fund that is lead by students and that solely invests on student entrepreneurs.

For who?

To be able to apply for an investment of the DSIF, the startup has to meet a number of conditions:

  • the founder is a bachelor-, master- or PhD-student at the University of Twente or Saxion, or he/she has finished her study up to one year ago.
  • the company cannot be more than 5 years old
  • the startup is ambitious and has clear growth targets
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What do they invest?

The fund invests up to 50,000 Euro in startups and with that, involves the academic world in the world of investments by, for example, connecting startups to students for an internship.

How do they invest?

The investments are made with a convertible note that can be converted to shares when another financing round occurs. The first shareholders of the fund are the University of Twente, Saxion, Novel-T and the ‘Stichting ter Bevordering Ondernemerschap’. The fund aims to attract more shareholders in the coming years.


The management of the DSIF consists of three bodies; the Senior Boar, Student Board and Investment Committee. The fund is run on a day-to-day basis by the Student Board and the Investment Committee, while the Senior Board has an advisory role with expertise in the field of investments.

Senior Board:

  • Lars Pieké, founder PNO Consultants
  • Nard Sintenie, Innovation Industries
  • Jan Zandbergen, Stichting ter Bevordering Ondernemerschap Twente
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Student Board:

  • Marius Scrieciu, Chairman (IBA, UT)
  • David de Meij, Director of Finance (HMI, UT)
  • Jelle Kerkdijk, Director of Potfolio Companies (TBK, UT)
  • Albert-Jan de Croes, Director of Marketing (IBA, UT)

Investment Committee:

  • Niels Jansen, Junior Investor (BMT, UT)
  • Jouke Hartman, Junior Investor (IFA, Saxion)

Next to the expertise of the Senior Board, the fund is supported by experienced investors like Erwin Holtland from Novel-T, Steve Walsh from the University of New Mexico, Ray Quintana from the Cottonwood Technology Fund and Thomas Mensink from the Golden Egg Check.


Are you interested in an investment from the fund or do you want to know how you can get involved in the fund? Contact Jelle Kerkdijk at jelle@dsif.nl or at +31 (0)6 508 31 950.

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