Develop a bicycle that does not tip over

Make cycling accessible to people who have never learned to ride a bike.

Develop a bicycle that does not tip over

The Dutch bicycle brand Beixo is working on a bicycle for people who have never learned to ride a bike or who suffer from a balance disorder. This bicycle is non-stigmatizing and offers a large group of users renewed or new freedom of movement.



Background information

For Beixo it is a dream to make cycling accessible to everyone and this project is part of this. Beixo has been specializing in distinctive bicycle projects for 15 years. For instance, our bikes do not have a chain but a cardan shaft or belt drive. There is plenty of room within the (small) organization to experiment and build. But given the size of the company you also participate in the daily business.

After an initial design, made by a graduate from Delft, work was done last year on making the bicycle stable. The first prototype did not meet this requirement. Now, a steering mechanism has been designed that, when it is up to speed, gives the bicycle complete freedom of tilt, while keeping the bicycle upright when stationary.

The principle of this is generally worked out by a graduate from Utrecht, but now the most difficult part follows: the correct control of this system. Partly mechanical, but certainly also in terms of software, there are still big question marks and we are faced with a few serious challenges:

  • When does the bicycle intervene, because what is a normal turn?
  • And to what extent / to what angle?
  • And at what speed / force is the bicycle set upright?
  • How do we make this mechanism suitable for every posture?
  • Which parts are used and deliver the best results?

In short, an assignment in which a large number of issues must be resolved, with common ground in various fields. From welding to programming, from calculation to testing.

Research question/assignment

Develop a bicycle that does not tip over and make cycling accessible to people who have never learned to ride a bike.

Work on an advanced technical proof of concept and test some essential features, for an automatically balanced bicycle, considering crucial mechanical as well as software and control systems.


Master assignment for programmes


Industrial Design Engineering, Advanced Technology, Biomedical Engineering, Interaction Technology, Mechanical Engineering.

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