Is your company protected against cyber threats? Scan your company by students!

Is your company protected against cyber threats? Scan your company by students!

Is your company protected against cyber threats? Students of the minor Cyber Security and Cyber Crime at the University of Twente are happy to help you with a cost-benefit analysis for securing your company against cyber attacks.

27 August 2019

Cost effective solutions to guard against cyber threats

Information and communication technology (ICT) services form the backbone of operations for all organizations. Hence, the availability of these services is of critical importance to you. As cyber-attacks can hamper the productivity of your firm, even though security investments might not add any value to your product, they do help in preserving your revenue stream. Many of the times organizations have to depend on imprecise guestimates to take security investment decisions. We are interested in helping you take the most cost effective decision in cyber securing your company.

Benefits of this study for you

  • A cyber security threat model for your business.
  • A cost value that will help you in making IT security investment plans.
  • A reflection on how ICT services contribute to your business.
  • Awareness of processes that are affected by cyber attacks.
  • Contacts with (international) students and teachers at the University of Twente.

Inputs from you

  • An introductory meeting and company tour and filling in a questionnaire / semi-structured interview by a member of the management team who has a good idea of all with approx. 5 students – medio September 2019 (duration approx. 2 hours).
  • The final presentation of the company-specific results by students at your location (duration approx. 1 hour) – medio October 2019.

Scope of this study

In this study, a group of students will analyse the added value of ICT to your business. Thereafter, they build a cyber security threat model for your organisation/process. They will calculate the direct and indirect costs to your business due to cyber-attacks and finally present a cost-benefit analysis for the measures your company can take. In the process, they will find answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the business model of the company?
  2. How does IT add value to company’s business model?
  3. What is the cyber security threat model of the company?
  4. How can the company lose revenue due to cyber-attacks?
  5. What are the possible solutions that the company can opt for? Provide a cost benefit analysis for these solutions.

Practical issues

Below are some practical matters:

  • The students can be in English and the report is in English.
  • The students and teachers sign a statement that your details will be treated confidentially. In addition to the group of students and the accompanying teachers, no-one else gets access to your data.
  • If you give permission for this, the collected company data will be stored anonymously by UT researcher A. Abhishta in order to generate aggregated data to compare regions, industries and company sizes. If you do not give permission for this, your company data will be removed from the UT systems on December 1st, 2019.

More information?

If you want to know more or participate in this educational project as a company, you can contact Ir. Tim Jongman (tel: 06 38 76 91 49, e-mail: t.jongman@novelt.com) or Ir. Egbert van Hattem (tel: 06 39 10 81 17, e-mail: e.vanhattem@novelt.com). There are a limited number of places available.


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