Cyber Alert: serious vulnerability in Apache Log4j software

Cyber Alert: serious vulnerability in Apache Log4j software

In mid-December 2021, the Dutch government announced a critical vulnerability in the Apache Log4j software. It is essential to discuss this directly with your IT administrator. Cybersecurity expert Liesbeth Holterman shares the most important topics to talk about.

Author: Manon Bijsterbosch 20 December 2021

How do you protect your business?

Apache Log4j is a software product used for logging notifications in software, such as login attempts. In addition, the software is built into many hundreds, if not thousands of other software products and applications. The chance that you as an entrepreneur will be or have been affected by this vulnerability is very likely.

What should you do?

Vulnerable systems are scanned worldwide. It is now known that malicious persons massively abuse this vulnerability. It is therefore wise to contact your software supplier(s) or IT service provider as soon as possible.

Ask the following questions about Apache Log4j

You can ask your IT Administrator the following questions:

  • Is my company vulnerable to the critical vulnerability discovered in Apache Log4j?
  • What measures should I take to prevent damage?
  • What actions do you take to keep my digital business environment safe?
  • What can I do / what are you doing to verify if my company has already been affected?

We have made a sample letter that you can use as a basis to ask the right questions to your IT Administrator and then take the right actions.



Websites to consult

Do you manage your IT yourself? Then we have put together a number of websites to consult:

Liesbeth Holterman
Liesbeth Holterman
Expert Cybersecurity
Liesbeth Holterman

As advisor of the Cybersecurity Centre for Manufacturing Industry I can help you with increasing the digital safety of your company. Ask me a question and I will contact you soon.


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