Support for entrepreneurs during COVID-19

Experts who help you weather the crisis, but also use it as an opportunity for innovation and new business.

Support for entrepreneurs during COVID-19

We realise that a lot of entrepreneurs could use some help to get successfully through the period of crisis, caused by Covid-19. Therefore, we make a team of experts available for SMEs, startups and spin-offs to support during COVID-19. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding and applying for government arrangements and to advise on financial solutions, legal matters, and other questions. Also, we can help with the switch to digital working and the use of tools such as Slack and Zoom.

COVID-19 has a major impact on our society and economy. Therefore, we want to use our expertise to help companies with their challenges.

We help you alleviate the negative effects by supporting in the areas of finance, legal issues, and international business.

Also, this situation challenges entrepreneurs to come up with new solutions that add value. Our business team is at your disposal to help you switch quickly.

With these experts in the field of business development, you can quickly switch to market developments that have been created because of the COVID-19 situation.

Marike Boertien

Innovation Expert

Semme Moolenaar

Business Developer

Peter Langela

Business Developer

Our Support Team is available for specific questions and support in the field of finance, legal, international business or remote working. So contact us directly via or call 053-483 6800. Questions will be forwarded to the relevant expert so that a meeting can be scheduled.

– Bert Otter


– Frank Landhuis

Innovation Matchmaker

– Julian Sotscheck

Junior Business Developer

– Vincent Heutinck

Innovation Matchmaker

– Hidde Eidhof

Legal Advisor

– Judith Engbers

Controller HTT

– Remon van der Woude

Fund Manager

– Freerk Faber

International Business

– Michelle Ekkelkamp

Expat Service

– Gerjan Bremmer

SME advisor for entrepreneurs

– Nicoline van der Schaft

SME advisor for entrepreneurs

Every day, there is a digital information and Q&A session at 9:30 am. Here entrepreneurs can ask their questions to a team of experts from different disciplines. Please sign up for a Q&A session, so we can make sure the right experts are ready for you.

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Every day new measures and arrangements are introduced to help companies through the crisis. Besides these arrangements, there are many initiatives, tips and inspiration to continue doing business successfully during these times. Because besides uncertainty, this time of crisis also creates opportunities. Follow the news about COVID-19 and other relevant Novel-T updates for startups and spin-offs with our updates and use the inspiration and practical tools that our experts provide you.

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We have collected relevant websites and platforms for you here that will help you find your way around the government regulations concerning the corona virus. Some of them mind only be in Duttch. Do you need help finding answers? Get in touch with us!


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