Cottonwood Technology Fund announces investment in SOUNDENERGY 

Cottonwood Technology Funds, a top performing investor in technology start-ups in the Southwest US and Northern Europe, and OostNL announced today a € 1.0M investment in the Dutch company SOUNDENERGY BV. SOUNDENERGY has developed a unique technology for space- and process cooling by sound waves. The patented Thermo Acoustic technology applied in the Thermo Acoustic energy ConverterTHEAC-25 device allow us to convert solar or industrial waste heat directly into useable cooling without the use of electric power, harmful refrigerants or moving parts and at a much lower cost. This disruptive technology has worldwide applications in cooling industries e.g. food industry, marine, dredge, GSM antennas, leisure resort, shopping centres and on high energy consuming data centres. The regions around the equator have an especially high potential for the space cooling by solar waste heat application and the process cooling application has high potential in soda, plastic, rubber and hydrogen production. 

“The participation of Cottonwood in SOUNDENERGY is a major step which helps us to roll-out on a global scale.” said Herbert Berkhout, CEO of SOUNDENERGY. “We are now able to fully focus on the industrial ramp up of our THEAC-25 prototype and start accepting international orders. Cottonwood has the team, experience and worldwide worthy network to make our high impact ambition come through.” 

“We are excited by the prospect of the elegant and sophisticated Thermo Acoustic technology’s ability to compete in many application areas. Said Ray Quintana, General Partner of Cottonwood Technology Fund, The THEAC-25s combination of energy utilization, low cost, zero carbon footprint and contribution to the circular economy makes it unique in the world.“ Also the fact that their demonstration unit will be ready for industrial production scale is an attractive additional benefit of their technology. This means they have the ability to transition quickly from demonstration to production to serving the worldwide market. 


SOUNDENERGY BV is a young disruptive company active in the space- and process cooling (HVAC) industry lead by founder Herbert Berkhout. SOUNDENERGY’s mission is to be the worldwide market leader in Thermo-acoustics cooling in order to shake up the cooling industry and become a high impact game changer.  Co-founder and godfather of Thermo-acoustics Kees de Blok developed this technology which allows us to convert medium quality waste heat directly into usable cooling without the use of electric power, harmful refrigerants and moving parts. These specifications leads to a low CO2 footprint, a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of zero and a high ROI which makes the THEAC-25 suitable for a circular business model. Kees de Blok works more than 30 years on this invention. To learn about SOUNDENERGY and their products. 

About Cottonwood 

Cottonwood Technology Fund is a seed and early-stage technology fund with offices in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Enschede, the Netherlands. It invests in technology-related (photonics, robotics, optics, advanced materials, telecom, automotive, biosciences and new energy) companies and patents originating throughout the Southwest region of the US and in Northern Europe. These regions include numerous national laboratories, over a dozen major research universities and several major research medical centers. Current investments include Skorpios, Clear Flight Solutions, xF Technologies (formerly Incitor), Eurekite, Respira, Trilumina, Acme Materials, OPNT and Exagen. 

About OostNL 

OostNL (East Netherlands Development Agency) is an agency that focuses its activities and projects on strengthening and stimulating the economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, the Netherlands. We work with businesses in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and are commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the respective Provinces. NL East plays an important role in executing the economic policies of the Dutch government and the Provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland and its various Governments city. To achieve this it is necessary to encourage a close cooperation between businesses, regional institutes, knowledge institutes, and intermediaries. NL East acts as a bridge between government, companies and knowledge institutes. 

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