Cottonwood Technology Fund

Cottonwood Technology Fund is one of the top performing capital funds in the world according to the British company Preqin. Cottonwood performs excellent when it comes to early stage funding. The (pre)seed fund invests in promising startups, so that they can accelerate fast. The results are outstanding: Cottonwood caused an average value increase of 300% of companies it invested in.

What can Cottonwood offer you?

With access to tens of millions of euros, Cottonwood invests in potentially successful startups every year. Technology companies are the primary target group, but there is a large variety. Cottonwood’s portfolio consists of companies in photonics, advanced materials, health care and clean energy.

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Cottonwood works closely with entrepreneurs, providing assistance from the earliest stages. Successful early stage investments require significant allotments of time to help define the business, link it with resources, provide feedback, recruit additional talent and raise capital. Historically, early stage institutional investors spend three to five days per month on each company.
Cottonwood Technology Fund will make two to three investments per year over a four-year period, thus allowing itself to employ the necessary time to assist entrepreneurs. Cottonwood also relies on its in-house experience and extensive network of technical and industry advisors, as well as drawing from the expertise and diversity of its investors.

Who qualifies for the fund?

Cottonwood is looking for companies that fit the following profile.

  • A compelling idea or compelling market
    • Is the technology advancement significant?
    • Is there a sizeable addressable market?
  • A compelling management team
    • Is the inventor or entrepreneur ready to lead the business?
    • Is there a full team recruited or available?
  • CTF value-add
    • How do we leverage our network?
    • What recourses can we call upon to assist the entrepreneur?
  • Syndication partners
    • Is there additional value-add funding with industry expertise available?

Are you interested in submitting your business plan for review? Please contact Ray Quintana from Cottonwood by e-mail or phone: +31 (0)53 483 68 30.

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